1) The grant may be used only for the costs mentioned in the application and confirmed in the award letter. The amount awarded may be different from the amount applied and some cost items may be rejected. A travel grant will not be awarded and its use will not be allowed for daily allowances (per diem), meal compensation, travel insurance, mileage, or similar costs. These costs cannot be included in the research expenses of a research grant.

2) The grantee must commit to execute the project as described in the grant application; keep record on all the costs; and report on the execution, costs, and results as instructed.

The grantee must sign a commitment to follow the instructions for grantees. Recipients of a research scholarship must also present a letter of commitment from the organisation, in which the research will be conducted. In this commitment letter, the site of research must commit to provide the basic research infrastructure for the grantee (workspace; needed equipment; computer, telephone, mail, and library services; and other basic infrastructure). The commitment of the site of research is needed also when the research grant is awarded to research expenses only. The commitment form must be printed from the electronic grant management system (link at the bottom of this page) when the grantee submits his/her first request of payments. The form signed by a competent officer of the place of research will be mailed to the executive manager of the Society (Viikinkaari 6, 00790 Helsinki). The grant may be paid after the office of the Society has received the signed form.

The grantee must inform immediately the Finnish Society of Forest Science if he/she receives other funding for the purpose of the awarded grant.

3) The payment request will be submitted using the electronic grant management system. If the grantee does not submit the payment request by the end of the awarding year, the grant will be considered rejected and it cannot be used later. The grantee must inform the executive manager of the Finnish Society of Forest Science immediately if he/she will not use an awarded grant. Travel grants will not be paid before the letter of acceptance or an invitation is e-mailed to info (at) metsatiede.org, if the letter is not included in the original application. The payment schedule must be filled even if the grant will be paid in one payment. The payment schedule is used for tax control that assures the tax exemption of our grants.

4) Payment of a research scholarship may be postponed to a later occasion because of the grantee’s maternity or parent leave; military or civil service; long and serious illness; or because of well justified reasons arising from the research project itself. The transfer will be accepted only if the grantee informs the Finnish Society of Forest Science about an acceptable reason for postponing the scholarship immediately when the reason appears and the scholarship will be used no later than the year following the year, for which the grant is awarded. A research scholarship cannot be used for part-time work or secondary employment.

Change of use or postponement of a research grant must be applied from the board of the Finnish Society of Forest Science. The application must be written. The board will consider each case individually. An application to postpone grant payment must include a justification why the grant needs to be postponed and the new research plan and schedule as affected by the postponement.

All other grant types (e.g. travel grants) must be used for the exact purpose mentioned in the application (e.g. change of the meeting is not permitted).

5) The grantee must report to the board of the Finnish Society of Forest Science on the execution, costs, and results of the project within two months after the end of the travel or the research grant period. The report must be prepared using the electronic grant management system. Copies of all receipts and other justification documents must be attached to report as pdf file(s). No cost without a receipt will be accepted. Unused grant or unused part of it must be returned to the bank account indicated by the Society by the end of the granting period.

All grant reports must include a short summary on the use of the grant either on the online form (max. 2000 characters) or as an attached file (max. one A4 page). The summary for a research grant must include main results and research outcomes during the grant period. Abstract(s) of all articles and manuscripts based on grant period must be attached - manuscripts will be dealt as confidential documents. The summary for a travel grant must include a short description of the congress or other event, e.g. number of participants and presentations, description on the session where the grantee presented their work, and an evaluation of the significance of the event for the grantee's rersearch/studies. Presentation abstract(s) must be attached in the form they appeared in the congress publication, web site or similar forum.

6) Recipient of a personal research scholarship must take a statutory grantee’s pension insurance if the scholarship is awarded for a minimum of 4-month-work in Finland and the scholarship is equal to or higher than 1250.36 euros per month. This requirement does not apply to travel grants or research grants that cover only research expenses. The statutory insurance payment, which the grantee pays him/herself, is about 12% of the awarded scholarship. The insurance is tax-deductible. The Finnish Society of Forest Science will inform the Mela about the grant, but the grantee must themself apply for the insurance within three months after the beginning of the scholarship period. Use this link for more information on the statutory pension insurance.

7) The recepient of a grant for the mobility of post doc scientists is requested to take a health insurance that is valid in the country where they will work. A proforma invoice of the insurance must be added to application documents. The final cost of the insurance according to the receipts will be covered by the grant. However, if the final cost exceeds the proforma by more than 15%, the grantee must cover the difference between the final cost and the proforma.

8) The recepient of a grant for the mobility of post doc scientists is requested to retain all receipts of allowable costs (check "Apurahan kattavuus" on this page) and add pdf copies of them to the grant report. No cost will be accepted without a receipt.

9) The Finnish Society of Forest Science informs tax authorities about all grants and scholarships equal to or higher than 1000 euros per year and grantee. The grants and scholarships from the Society are tax-free if the total amount of all scholarships, grants, and awards from private foundations, the state, and Nordic Council do not exceed, after deduction of costs, the amount annually confirmed by the Finnish tax authorities. In 2017, the maximum tax-free total of grants and scholarships was 20309.40 euros per year and grantee (monthly 1692.45 €). More information can be found in the web site of the Finnish Tax Authority (when writing this, the maximum for 2018 is not confirmed).

Typically, the grants and scholarships of the Society are tax-free but they must be announced to tax authorities. The grantee must themself inform the tax authorities about use of a grant that is not a personal scholarship but is used for hiring auxiliary workers, purchase of equipment etc.

10) Hiring of auxiliary workers must accomplish with the current regulations and practices of the place of research. All costs, including the applicable side costs, must be budgeted and paid.

Link to the Electronic grant management system.

Contact: Pekka Nygren, firstname.lastname (at) metsatiede.org, tel. 044 558 1199