Each grant application is individually revised by two experts. Both of them grade the application on the scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (outstanding). Thereafter, all applications are evaluated in a meeting of the board of the Finnish Society of Forest Science. The main evaluation criterion for funding decisions is the scientific quality of the application. Funding is normally awarded only for applications that are graded as 3 (good) or better by both expert reviewers.

When deciding between research grant applications of equal scientific quality, the board also considers the novelty of the proposed research. Further, the funding should be applied for an independent research project that can be expected to be publishable in an international forum. Parts of a research project are funded only under exceptional conditions. No quotas are set for different disciplines but the board tries to support the different branches of forest sciences equally if the quality of applications permits. Priority is given for doctoral students or post-doc scientists. Post doc scientist are elegible for funding during the five years following the public defense of the doctoral dissertation. Parental leave after public defense, as well as military service, extend the time equal to its length.

Grant applications for mobility of post doc scientists of equal scientific value will be ranked applying the same criteria that are used for ordinary research grant applications.

When deciding between travel grants of equal scientific quality, priority is given for applicants whose oral presentation or poster is accepted to an international scientific meeting or who give an invited lecture but the meeting organisers do not pay the travel costs. Priority in the travel grant awards is given for scientists in early stages of their career (doctoral students or post-doc scientists). Senior scientists are supported only if they give an invited lecture.

The total number of grants awarded is, in the order set by above criteria, such that the total sum awarded is about the same as the average long-term profit of the funds administrated by the Finnish Society of Forest Science.

When funding the applications for IUFRO grants, priority is given to officers and trustees of IUFRO. However, such person must proof that he/she has an active role in the event, for which he/she is applying the grant. Otherwise, the criteria for travel grants are applied in the evaluation of the IUFRO grants.